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This is the Student Peer Mentor Application Form for Design Studies 102 (DsnS102) in the Core Design Program, College of Design at Iowa State University. It is a requirement that the student applicant be an enrolled College of Design student in the semester they serve as a peer mentor.

First time peer mentors for DsnS102 are required to enroll in the DsnS302 Sec. 1 seminar. Enrollment and participation in DsnS302 Sec. 1 and the assigned DsnS102 studio are worth two credits. Students applying to be a student peer mentor for a second semester are required to enroll in DsnS302 Sec. 1, receiving 2 credits. The max credits a student can obtain from serving as a student peer mentor in the Core Program are 4 credits.

Beyond earning 4 credits as a student peer mentor, a student may choose to serve as a volunteer student peer mentor for DsnS102 by applying for that semester, marking the related volunteer responses as such.

Volunteer student peer mentors will not enroll in DsnS302 Sec. 1 and will not be required to attend the seminar or participate in its activities. Volunteers are held to the same responsibilities in their assigned DsnS102 studio. It is required that the volunteer student have earned 4 credits and passed DsnS302 Sec. 1 both times before qualifying as a volunteer. Volunteer student peer mentors report to the DsnS102 Coordinator for questions and concerns over that semester during the mentor’s participation.

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The DsnS302 Sec. 1 seminar focuses on design pedagogy, leadership, and mentoring topics. Sec. 1 meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:10-7:00pm. Room number varies by semester.

The student mentor will be assigned to a DsnS102 studio and will be required to attend that studio each week for a minimum of two hours in total. The student determines their time commitment and will discuss this with their assigned studio instructor. The minimum time of two hours is set, but students are welcome to stay for as long as they like each week.

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You are required to participate in your assigned DsnS102 studio for a minimum of two hours each week. Which of the following studio sessions are you available to mentor in? Check all that apply.
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