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College Events

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Orientation (Day 1)Summer Orientation (Day 1)1:00 pm
College of Design
Jun 26
Orientation (Day 2)Summer Orientation (Day 2)8:00 am
College of Design
Jun 27
Goché ExhibitThe Map and its Porcelain Goat Exhibit7:00 pm
Jul 06
Sound WorkshopWhat Does Sound Look Like? with Alex Braidwood1:00 pm
Octagon Center for the Arts
Jul 09
Welcome ReceptionWelcome Reception6:00 pm
Beckman Forum
Aug 20
Professorship CelebrationArand-McIlrath Professorship Celebration5:00 pm
Lyle E. Lightfoot Forum, College of Design
Aug 28
Exhibition ReceptionUnpacked: Refugee Baggage4:30 pm
Christian Petersen Art Museum, Morrill Hall
Sep 04
Mohamad Hafez LectureRefugee Stories: Mohamad Hafez8:00 pm
Sun Room, Memorial Union
Sep 05
Danielle Feinberg LectureThe Art of Science: Bringing Pixar’s Imagined Worlds to Life8:00 pm
Great Hall, Iowa State Memorial Union
Sep 06
Architecture PremiereArchitecture Premiere 20183:30 pm
Kocimski Auditorium (101 Design)
Sep 07
University AwardsUniversity Awards Ceremony3:00 pm
Great Hall, Iowa State Memorial Union
Sep 14
Alumni AwardsISUAA Honors & Awards Ceremony1:15 pm
Benton Auditorium, Scheman Building
Oct 26