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Architecture as Geography: When Father Mapple Was Just a Section

September 22, 2017

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Lecture: 2 p.m., Room 416 Design
Workshop: 3 p.m., Architecture Studio, Communications Building

Due to the great extension and growth of cities in the last several decades, the sustainability of our city life is related to the capability to not consume additional virgin soils as well as to recover and improve existing cities.

Architects are more and more called to work on plots that have been already used and the questions emerging from these new conditions are related to the topics of transformation and regeneration, where the contemporary design is strictly interwoven with the constraints of a multilayered site.

The architecture milieu of Rome, and in general the Italian architecture milieu in the last century, have been special laboratories where the relation between modern architecture and existing urban condition has been experimented. From the early Renaissance to today, Italian culture has uninterruptedly considered modernity in architecture including its connections with the past: that is to say, in continuity or in opposition with a multilayered existing territory, marked by the presence of history.

Architecture as Geography: When Father Mapple Was Just a Section” is an introduction to the structure of the urban condition of Rome and its architecture, but also the lesson zero that we can extract from the city to produce contemporary architecture in continuity or not with the existing urban conditions. In this sense architecture is not just a matter of invention but a matter of relation and, with luck, an intelligent way of life.

Simone Capra, Sept. 2017, Rome

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September 22, 2017
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