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Student Software & Downloads

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 ProPlus for Students is a FREE add-on for Office 365 that the university has access to as part of the Student Advantage program. Students can log in to Office 365, see their ProPlus license, and download the latest version of Office (currently 2013 for Windows and 2011 for Mac) for free. Previous versions of the software, like Office 2010 for Windows, are also available for download. Office 365 will work on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Requires an active ISU email address.

While free to all registered Iowa State students, the benefits of the ProPlus program will be severed when an individual leaves the university. It is the understanding of ITS that the software will continue to function in a read only mode until the user opts to purchase a license or personal subscription. Should a new version of Office come out when the user is still a student, upgrading to that version will be free.