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Printer Information and Drivers


Output Center (room 426 Design)

  • Lab Black & White Printers, managed by PaperCut: HP LaserJet Enterprise M806, double-sided printing available. Cost per page/side: 5 credits.
    • Mac Installation Instructions
      1. Go to this address (login with your ISU NetID and password)
      2. Read the “Install DSN PaperCut Printers-Mac.pdf” file in that folder
      3. To install the DSN PaperCut Lab Printers, copy “DSN Lab” folder to your Desktop then extract the files. There are a series of installers you will need to run to install both DSN Lab Printers (DSN-426-BW-Printer-1 and DSN-426-BW-Printer-2).
    • Windows Installation Instructions
      Step 1: If you are using Windows 7 or 8 you will need to set your local security options. This is a little complex. We can help you with this part if needed. Laptop Program Students, and Windows 10 Users – skip to Step 2.
      1. Open the Control Panel and select “System and Security”. Click on “Administrative Tools”.
      2. Double-click “Local Security Policy” and choose “Local Policies”.
      3. Click the arrow next to “Local Policy” and select “Security Options” from the list.
      4. In the right panel, double-click “Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level”.
      5. Use the pull-down menu to select “Send NTLMv2 response only. Refuse LM & NTLM”.
      6. Click OK, and close out of the policy editor.

      Step 2: Download & Install the PaperCut Client.

      1. Open Windows Explorer. The easiest way to do this is to open “My Computer”.
      2. Enter \\\PCClient\ in the location bar and press Enter.
      3. In the Windows Security window:
        • In the User name field, enter:
        • In the Password field, enter: the Net-Id’s password
        • Check the option “Remember my credentials”.
        • Click on OK to continue.
      4. Download and install the PaperCut client software.
      5. Start the PaperCut MF Client software. Use your Net-ID and password to log in if login is not automatic.
      6. Connect to the printer in Windows:
        • In the Control Panel, go to “View Devices and Printers”.
        • Click the “Add Printer” button near the top of the window.
        • Click “The Printer I want isn’t listed” and click Next.
        • In the field labeled “Select a shared printer by name” enter one of the following addresses:
          For DSN Lab Printer 1, enter: \\\DSN-426-BW-Printer-1
          For DSN Lab Printer 2, enter: \\\DSN-426-BW-Printer-2
          and click the “Next” button. (You may install both printers, just install them one at a time.)
        • When you are prompted for your name and password, enter IASTATE\yournetid, and your password. Click the box next to “Save my credentials” and click OK.
        • The printer drivers will be automatically downloaded, and your printer will be created.
  • Lab Color Printer: Savin 5100. Cost per page/side: $0.75 ($0.50 for multiple copies of the same print )
  • Epson 3880 (photo printer)
  • Epson 9890 (wideformat printer)

The Armory

Faculty Resources (room 158 Design)

Research Lab

  • Epson Photo R3000
    • Windows
    • Mac: Drivers should be built in.  You may have to go to software update to find them.
  • HP LaserJet Pro 400

Design on Main

Communications Building

  • HP 500 MFP
    • Choose OS — (use Universal driver)
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