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Traditional Printing

HP Laserjet Printing (2 black and white printers, one color printer)

Students can print documents on any networked printer on campus through the use of a commercial software program called PaperCut.

The PaperCut system is a university wide print management system designed to make day-to-day printing easy and affordable. Once set up, students can print from any of their devices to printers all across campus. Installation information can be found in this Knowledgebase article from ITS.

  • DESIGN-c0136-bw-printer is a black and white printer located on the first floor, by the spiral stairs in the Atrium. Cost is FREE to Design students.
  • DESIGN-c0402-bw-printer is another black and white printer located on the fourth floor near the spiral stairs, between the two Teaching Computer Labs. Cost is FREE to Design students.
  • DESIGN-c0402-color-printer is a color laser printer located on the fourth floor near the spiral stairs, between the two Teaching Computer Labs. Cost is $0.25 per page.
  • DSN-armory-color is another color laser printer located in the Industrial Design lab space in the Armory. Cost is $0.25 per page.

Each of these printers are loaded with 8.5×11 and 11×17 inch recycled paper and are available to students during operating hours.

Your Computer fees help subsidize this kind of printing.  All students get 500 credits ($5.00) from the University. College of Design students get an additional 3000 credits ($30.00). After using up your initial 3500 credits, additional printing costs will be charged directly to your U-Bill, and your PaperCut balance will appear as negative.

You’ll find the printers next to the spiral staircase in the Atrium and on the 4th floor outside the computer labs.

Prepress Color Printing (design 426)

Canon C710

Wide Format Printing (design 426)

Epson P9570 wide format printer

  • Handles up to 36 inch wide prints on Photo Luster paper.
  • This printer is used to produce high-quality, archival prints.
  • Matte paper in the following sizes:
    • 8.5×11 – $2.00
    • 13×19 – $4.00
    • 17 x 22 – $6.00
  • Photo Luster: $.60 per linear inch (36-inch current max along one dimension)
  • Files are uploaded as a high quality PDF file to our dropbox.  Please use your netid with a number as your filename so that you know which files are yours (example mcmiller-1.pdf)  Dropbox Location

Océ Colorwave Wide-format “plotter”

  • Up to 36-inch wide color plots, or copies, on bond paper.
  • $.75/square foot.
  • This printer is best suited for plans and other low ink-coverage prints.
  • Create a high quality PDF file and upload it at