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Laser Cutter Safety Procedures

Safety Information — Please read carefully before using the cutter!

The laser cutters at the College of Design can be very dangerous if used improperly, or inadequately supervised. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed laser cutter training, and fire extinguisher training before you attempt to use the cutter on your own.

You are expected to monitor the cutter closely while the laser is active, watching your material carefully for any signs of fire or malfunction. It is also expected that you follow all materials rules diligently, as the use of improper materials can cause illness, fire, or serious injury.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of laser cutter privileges for the rest of the semester. You will be required to retake laser cutter training before regaining access to the cutters.

In case of fire:

  1. Notify the lab monitor, and other cutter users immediately.
  2. Shut off the exhaust!
  3. The monitor will cut power to BOTH cutters.
  4. The fire extinguisher is located on the wall next to cutter #2. It is a CO2 extinguisher.
  5. The back-up extinguisher is located to the left of the door. An additional extinguisher is located near the stairwell (go out the door, turn right, and it will be right in front of you).
  6. If you are unable to extinguish the fire, pull the fire alarm located next to the fire extinguisher near the stairwell, while the lab monitor begins evacuations. Call 911 from a safe location.
  7. The lab manager, Jennifer Nieland, must be notified immediately after any fire, no matter how small. The lab monitors have the necessary contact information. You must stay in room 426 until the lab manager arrives. We will need to determine if the fire is user related, or machine related.
  8. The effected cutter cannot be used until EH&S has evaluated the cutter to make sure that it is safe to use, and that the fire was not related to a machine malfunction.

Failure to follow procedures in case of a fire will result in loss of cutter privileges, and the user must retake the laser cutter training course.

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