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Core Design Program


Questions regarding the application process, portfolio or essay that are not answered here or in the other links under the Application tab, should be sent to Michelle Rasmussen.

Portfolio Review Questions

Q. How are portfolios reviewed?

  • A. Faculty members from the each of the programs you are interested in joining review each portfolio. Before reviewing they are provided with the learning outcomes for each project. Faculty who teach DSN S 102 or DSN S 131 do not review portfolios to prevent any bias.

Q. Who reviews portfolios?

  • A. Each department selects faculty to review portfolios for their program. Faculty that are teaching any of the core courses can not review portfolios.

Course Requirement Questions

Q. If I took DSN S 102 and DSN S 183 last year, will it hurt my chances of getting into my program?

  • A. No. Information for the required portfolio contents for students who took 102 before Fall 2017 can be found here. While this year’s essay prompts are keyed off of 183, the concepts are general enough that students who took 183 in previous years should be able to answer them as capably as students who are taking the course this year.

Q. What is a passing grade for class?

  • A.D- or better

Q. I took MATH 165 instead of MATH 145. How does this affect my application?

  • A.MATH 165 may be used instead of MATH 145 as it is a higher-level math course.

Q. How will my GPA be averaged between semesters?

  • A.Each program calculates GPAs differently. Click here for more information.

Q. What if I don’t meet one of the core requirements?

  • A. Please contact your adviser as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Admission Questions

Q. How are decisions toward acceptance made?

  • A. Each program has its own admission formula. Click here to see the formulas.

Q. If someone rejects their admission during the two weeks of time they get to decide, will their position be offered to the next in line later that semester?

  • A. Yes, as soon as someone rejects their offer, the next student on the list is called right away.

Q. Can I still enter into CRP if I don’t make it into any of my initial three choices?

  • A. While it is rare to not get into your top three choices, you can rank CRP fourth on your application. If you aren’t selected into your top three choices, you will be placed into CRP.

Q. If my plan B is civil engineering, how do I apply? Would I just be accepted?

  • A. There is not an application process for the College of Engineering. Talk to your adviser about your plan B.

Q. How do I accept an offer into a program?

  • A. Notifications will be sent via email and paper mail. Following receipt of the notification letter, you have two weeks to accept or reject the offer via email or phone.