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Core Design Program

Core Toolkit

To ensure that all students in the Core Design Program have access to high-quality, low-cost materials for their required projects, the College of Design has partnered with the University Book Store to create a specialized toolkit.

In addition to keeping costs low and maintaining consistent quality, another advantage for students is easy access: you can order a toolkit to be delivered to the Design Store, a branch of the Iowa State bookstore located on the second floor of the College of Design building.

The supplies in the toolkit are common to all studio sections of the two required Core courses, DSN S 102: Design Studio I and DSN S 131: Drawing I. This kit provides you with the foundational supplies necessary for these courses.

There may be other supplies, not included in the basic kit, that your instructors may also require you to have. These additional supplies reflect different media preferences among faculty members and will be communicated in course syllabi.