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Applying to a Degree Program

Reapplication Information

We recommend students consider a few things before deciding to reapply. Consult your academic adviser for help on any of the items listed below.

  • Do you want to reapply to the same programs you applied to the first time? Would other programs be more appropriate for your career goals?
  • Do you need to retake DSN S 102, DSN S 131, DSN S 183 or DSN S 110/115? Note that you must pass these courses to be eligible to reapply. As long as you passed your courses, you are not required to retake any of them; however, depending on the program(s) you are reapplying to, you may need to retake a course to improve your Core GPA.
  • Do you need to retake any general education courses or do you need to take additional general education courses to improve your overall GPA?

In order to reapply to a professional program, you must follow the same instructions listed for the standard application process.