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Student Employment

Emerging Technologies Support Assistant

Job Description:

Assist with new technologies lab within the College of Design. Setup and troubleshoot equipment and software as assigned. Create, test, and maintain instructions for various equipment and software.

Create and supervise ‘open hours’ for students and faculty to engage with the available technologies.

Other duties as assigned, possible examples include, but are not limited to, transporting objects, clerical work/data entry, etc. 

Please send resume via email. Applications will ONLY be considered if sent via email.

Job Skills / Requirements:

  • Good communication and documentation skills
  • Experience with using and troubleshooting new technologies
  • Ability to work with users with a variety of skill levels (working with those who have never used/seen the technology).  Discussing how the technology can work in the users field/studies.
  • Previous Information Technology experience strongly encouraged.
  • Experience with Virtual Reality and 3D modeling strongly encouraged (examples include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Rhino, Revit, Enscape 3D…)
  • An interest in the new and emerging technologies considered a plus.
Hourly Pay Rate:$11.00
Schedule Type:Ongoing, Part-time, Flexible Hours
Schedule or # of Hrs/Wk:15-20
Application Method:Email
Job Begin Date:Aug 16, 2021
Job End Date:May 31, 2022
Number of Positions:1
Employer ID:07700
Job Number:21004
Employer:Iowa State University
Department:Design Administration
Area:College of Design
Contact Name:Mitch Versteeg
Contact City/State/ZIP:Ames, IA