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Design for health

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Design for health

As COVID-19 is impacting every facet of our healthcare sectors, we as a designer should prepare for the future healthcare spaces after the pandemic. As a multi-disciplinary studio, this design for health studio will focus on creating a safe and healing environment in a clinical setting. As a sponsored studio project* from a design firm, this studio will be dedicated to creating a micro-hospital including a primary care clinic, emergency department, acute care unit, and various support areas. These projects will be accomplished based on understanding complex functions of healthcare environments and using an evidence-based design approach. Our studio has multiple opportunities to work with many professionals in the field who donate their time and resources. They will provide lectures, design projects presentation, and design reviews. Students will participate in multiple field trips to the best hospitals in the US such as Mayo Clinic and Rush hospitals.

There are four different learning objectives in this class including specialization, collaboration, communication, evidence-based design, and empathy. First, design option studios allow students to develop areas of specialty. This design for the health studio will address various problems of the healthcare environment and will provide an experience base for a professional specialty in this area. Second, Design option studios are interdisciplinary. In this studio, students will closely collaborate with other students in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. Third, students will practice collaboration through communication in multiple realms creating ever more professional materials to communicate design and work with clients. Fourth, students will understand the basic knowledge about Evidence-based Design research in healthcare design and learn how to apply research findings into their design situations.

Course Credit
  • 6
Iowa State University Innovate @ Iowa State
  • Civic Innovation
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
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Days/times for the course

M, W, F/1:10-5:30 pm

Field trip locations

Minnesota & Chicago

Field trip schedule

January & February

Suggested course fee

$300 ~ 500

Course fee justification

Hotel and Transportation

Teaching faculty name(s)

Daejin Kim & Cameron Campbell

All ISU Majors
  • Seniors and graduate students
Maximum enrollment