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Digital Clay

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Digital Clay

Students will develop prototypes and a final installation using the Potterbot Clay 3D Printers* and the Industrial Robotic Arms in the Architectural Robotics Lab**.

* Located in the Computation & Construction Lab 1125 Communications Building
** Located in 0256 Student Innovation Center.

Learning Objectives
• Translate digital models into physical objects
• Translate physical objects into digital models
• Demonstrate an understanding of available robotically aided digital fabrication
• Understand and utilize material constraints in robotically aided digital fabrication
• Document the fabrication process through drawing and photography
• Draw and model design proposals using digital technology
• Use an iterative and reflective design process
• Demonstrate an ability to clearly present a project to others

Course Credit
  • 6
Iowa State University Innovate @ Iowa State
  • Social Entrepreneurship
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
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Days/times for the course

Monday + Wednesday 1.10-5.20 + Friday Arranged Times

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Suggested course fee


Course fee justification

• Clay for printing
• Firing fees to AVC
• Equipment Maintenance
• Possible Travel Costs

Teaching faculty name(s)

Shelby Doyle

Maximum enrollment