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Multicultural Student Services

Financial Resources

Many scholarships are available to students pursuing degrees in the College of Design. The college and its departments offer scholarships to students based on academic excellence and demonstrated financial need. Scholarships, grants and other opportunities also are available through Iowa State University. You can find these on the university’s Scholarships and Grants website.

Students applying for scholarships based on financial need must have a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file.

First-Year Scholarship for Incoming Design Students
Design Opportunity Award – Search on First Year Students and Opportunity

Diversity Scholarships
University scholarships for students of color

Professional Development Funding

Multicultural students in the College of Design may apply for funding for professional development or for program-related needs. The maximum amount awarded to each student is $100 per academic year.

Please note the following:

  • Awards are made for attendance/participation in a conference or any academic-related function during the fall or spring semester. Funding is available on a “first-come” basis.
  • Funding is for currently enrolled undergraduate students only. All students who receive funding must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average at the time of the trip, conference or request.
  • Requests for funding must be made in advance of the conference or other event.
  • If attending a conference, applicants are expected to pay a portion of their own costs.
  • Students are expected to seek additional financial support from their departments, college councils, student organizations, the Government of the Student Body or other appropriate sources.
  • The application form is to be completed by the student making the funding request. This student assumes the responsibility for providing expense documentation after the conference or other event.
  • Awards generally are reimbursements made after the conference or expenses are incurred and require original receipts.

Apply Now!
Download application (MS Word doc) for professional development funding

MLK Emergency Loan

The Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Emergency Loan is an interest-free 30-day loan designed to assist students of color in meeting unusual and/or extenuating financial circumstances. This loan is intended to be used in emergency situations only. An emergency situation is defined as a condition that poses a hardship and is likely to affect a student’s academic progress. Please contact Jordan Brooks, the College of Design’s Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO), for eligibility criteria and application information.

We ask that you allow 72 hours or two office visits to process emergency loan applications and disburse funds. We also ask that loan recipients be responsible in the use of this service and considerate of other students facing similar situations so that we may continue to provide the same level of assistance to everyone.