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Multicultural Student Services

Academic Resources

Free Academic Tutor at Iowa State

If you think you could benefit from additional academic help, it’s time to take action and request a tutor. Subsidized tutoring is available for African American, Latino American, Asian American, American Indian and Multiracial students at Iowa State University in both fall and spring semesters each year.

How to Request a Tutor

  • Visit
  • Click Edit and fill in your contact information.
  • Click Edit next to Funding.
  • Select Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Edit next to Courses and check the course you need a tutor for.
  • Click Edit next to Schedule and select all available times by left-clicking the mouse (or double-clicking on a Mac).
  • Click Review Your Application for Submitting.
  • Click Submit.
  • Meet with a Multicultural Student Affairs staff member; call (515) 294-6338 for an appointment.


Contact Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO), Jordan Brooks, (515) 294-9555, or the Multicultural Student Affairs Office, (515) 294-9555, if you have questions.