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Multicultural Student Services

The Multicultural Student Services Office (MSS) is part of Design Student Services. The College of Design’s Director of Equity, Inclusion and Multicultural Student Success, Jordan Brooks, provides assistance and guidance in understanding issues of diversity in the college, at Iowa State University and beyond.

Services for Students
If you are a student in the College of Design who identifies as African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latina/o, and/ or Multiracial, the MSS is available to help you access the opportunities available to become your personal and academic best. The MSS acts as an advocate and a resource for students of color.

Multicultural Portfolio Workshops
Each spring semester, the MSS and a group of peer mentors host a series of workshops for multicultural design students on assembling high-quality portfolios for the enrollment-managed application process.

Services for Faculty and Staff
The MSS is available as a resource person to assist College of Design faculty and staff on issues of diversity and inclusion in the classroom and within student organizations. The MSS can give presentations on incorporating diverse perspectives into your work as well as on the importance of being culturally knowledgeable and demonstrating cultural understanding as a global citizen.

Contact the Design MSS
Jordan Brooks
Director of Equity, Inclusion and Multicultural Student Success
(515) 294-9555
205 Design