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International Students


The College of Design at Iowa State University has over 150 international students from over 20 countries, including: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. We celebrate all our international students and hope they find their home away from home at the College of Design!


Marina Reasoner

International Student Adviser
Academic Adviser
Community & Regional Planning, Interdisciplinary Design, Design Open, Art & Design
292 Design
(515) 294-8634

“My name is Fatemah, and I am a Kuwaiti international student at Iowa State University’s College of Design. This is my first semester as a Pre-Architecture student, and I have been enjoying my explorations in design. I have worked on various fun projects in my core classes. And I find the environment of the College of Design to be very welcoming. There are plenty of opportunities here, and the faculty are very helpful and resourceful.” — Fatemah, Pre-Architecture

“As a first-year international student, I can’t be grateful enough to faculty and staff that take an important part as I am starting my square one and gradually settling at Iowa State University. I had no idea what I was about to cope with before starting my academic journey, but my advisor, peer mentors, and instructors are very welcome in every way I have difficulty with. I have enjoyed my design projects, not only I learn techniques, but I also learn the process and critical thinking with other students. I am looking forward to learning more for the next few years at Iowa State!” — Gabriele, Pre-Graphic Design