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General Electives Available

Register now for College of Design courses open to all majors! Several of these courses meet either the U.S. Diversity or International Perspectives requirement. Please note that if course prerequisites are listed, these will be waived for non-design majors. Prerequisites based on number of credits completed will remain in effect.

Summer 2017

DES 240: Design Studio I, 2 credits
DSN S 394x, Section IT: Trace, Touch, Taste: An Experiential Exploration of Italian Culture of Art and Food, 3 credits (study abroad in Italy)
LA 171x: City Play! Active Urban Landscapes, 3 credits

Fall 2017

ARCH 321: History of the American City, 3 credits, meets U.S. Diversity requirement
ARCH 558: Sustainability and Green Architecture, 3 credits
CRP 201: The North American Metropolis, 3 credits, meets U.S. Diversity requirement
CRP 251x: Fundamentals of GIS, 3 credits
CRP 293: Environmental Planning, 3 credits
ARTGR 281: Visual Communication and Branding, 3 credits
ARTGR 387/587: Graphic Design History/Theory/Criticism I, 3 credits
ARTH 384: Art of Islam, 3 credits, meets International Perspectives requirement
ARTID 250: Fundamentals of Interior Design, 2 credits
ARTID 251: Human Factors in Design, 3 credits
ARTID 356: Interior Design History/Theory/Criticism II, 3 credits
ARTIS 201: Creative Visual Thinking: 3 credits, offered online
ARTIS 202: Studio Fundamentals: Wood, 2 credits
ARTIS 203: Studio Fundamentals: Jewelry, 2 credits
ARTIS 204: Studio Fundamentals: Ceramics, 2 credits
ARTIS 206: Studio Fundamentals: Printmaking, 2 credits
ARTIS 210: Studio Fundamentals: Photography, 2 credits
ARTIS 212: Studio Fundamentals: Computers, 2 credits
ARTIS 213: Studio Fundamentals: Painting, 2 credits
ARTIS 214: Studio Fundamentals, Textiles, 2 credits
INDD 387: History of Industrial Design I, 3 credits
LA 373: Gardens and Landscapes from Antiquity to 1750, 3 credits, meets International Perspectives requirement
LA 457/557: Landscape Parametrics and Design Computing, 3 credits