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Computation + Construction Lab

The ISU Computation + Construction Lab (CCL) is an initiative of the Department of Architecture at Iowa State University and was co-founded by Shelby Doyle, Leslie Forehand, and Nick Senske.

The CCL works to connect developments in computation to the challenges of construction through teaching, research, and outreach. As a laboratory operating at a land-grant institution, the CCL works to share knowledge beyond campus borders by leveraging design and construction as tools of public engagement with non-profits and municipalities across Iowa. A primary tenant of this work is the democratization of access to and knowledge about technology in architecture, specifically creating opportunities for our students to learn and create with technology. Additional information can be found at:

Access to the CCL is strictly limited to courses that have received prior approval. Students who are not attending an approved course may not use the CCL under any circumstances. Students attending a CCL-approved course may not use the lab resources for other courses. For additional information please contact the CCL Associate, Erin Hunt