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Career Services

Employment & Salary Statistics

Design Career Services collects information from graduates regarding their professional plans following graduation. We report based on professional status six months following graduation. The percentages of graduates that are employed or continuing their education at that point typically ranges from 94-97% for bachelor’s degrees and 94-99% for master’s degrees.  

For graduates receiving degrees from August 2019 to May 2020:

  • 86% of College of Design bachelor’s degree recipients were employed or continuing their education. 
  • 92% of College of Design master’s degree recipients were employed or continuing their education. 

Post-graduation outcomes by major: 

2019-2020 bachelor’s degrees
2018-2019 bachelor’s degrees
2017-2018 bachelor’s degrees
2016-2017 bachelor’s degrees
2015-2016 bachelor’s degrees

2019-2020 master’s degrees
2018-2019 master’s degrees
2017-2018 master’s degrees
2016-2017 master’s degrees
2015-2016 master’s degrees

2019-2020 starting salaries
2018-2019 starting salaries
2017-2018 starting salaries
2016-2017 starting salaries
2015-2016 starting salaries

Employers of graduates from the past five reports: 

Art & Visual Culture
Community & Regional Planning
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Interdisciplinary Design
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture