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Department of

Community And Regional Planning

Current Departmental Events

GIS SeminarHave You Seen My Picea glauca? The ISU Campus Plant Inventory from Pencil/Paper to GIS12:10 pm
526 Design
Feb 24
GIS SeminarTeaching with Tech: Modern Tools for Geospatial Inquiry and Education12:10 pm
526 Design
Mar 02
GIS SeminarGIS In the Natural Gas Industry12:10 pm
526 Design
Mar 09
GIS SeminarThe Influence of Bedrock Topography on Subglacial Cavity Geometry12:10 pm
526 Design
Mar 23
GIS SeminarGIS Seminar: Xavier Phillips12:10 pm
526 Design
Mar 30
GIS SeminarUrban Transformations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia12:10 pm
526 Design
Apr 06
Graduation ConvocationSpring 2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Convocation8:00 am
Stephens Auditorium
May 09
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