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Department of

Community And Regional Planning

GIS Graduate Certificate Program

Completed Applications

List of Graduate Students who Completed the GIS Certificate at ISU

Graduate Spring 2013

Bailey Hanson (Community and Regional Planning) Using GIS and ModelBuilder to create a bicycle network and interactive tool used for finding bicycle connectivity in Des Moines, Iowa

Graduate Fall 2012

Peter Fontaine (Community and Regional Planning) Risk Terrain Mapping in Crime Analysis: A Study on Residential Burglary in Lincoln, Nebraska
Adviser: Kevin Kane

Elizabeth Ford (Community and Regional Planning) Spatial Analysis of Three Geocoding Methods: An Evaluation of Address Accuracy
Adviser: Kevin Kane

Graduate Spring 2012

Aaron Nelson (Community and Regional Planning) Park-and-Ride site suitability analysis: Iowa City Area
Adviser: Monica Haddad

Jian Gao (Civil Engineering) A Study on the Relationship Between Asset Condition and Safety on Primary Roads in Iowa
Adviser: Monica Haddad

Jonathan David Nelson (Landscape Architecture) GIS Descriptive Modeling of General Land Office Surveyor Tree Data and Spatial Relationships with River Valleys and their Potential Fire Shadow Effects in Polk and Dallas Counties, Iowa
Adviser: Paul F. Anderson

Rachael Lea Shimek (Anthropology) A Spiritual-Social Landscape: How Effigy Mound Placement in Wisconsin can help Elucidate Effigy Mound Function
Adviser: Matthew G. Hill

Christopher D. Karstens (Meteorology) Analysis of Tornado-Induced Tree-Fall Using Aerial Photography from the Joplin, Mo and Tuscaloosa-Birmingham, AL Tornadoes of 2011
Adviser: Kristie J. Franz

Steven LaBedz (Community and Regional Planning) SKansas City to Minneapolis: A Least Cost Path Analysis for High-Speed Rail
Adviser: Jiangping Zhou

Kaitlyn Rose Simcox (Anthropology) Application of GIS to the Taphonomic History of the Casper Bison Bonebed, Wyoming
Adviser: Matthew G. Hill

Graduate Fall 2011

Mitchell Douglas Cline (Geology) Spatial analysis of Des Moines Lobe washboard moraines using LIDAR data
Adviser: Chris Harding

Jasna Hadzic (Community and Regional Planning) Factors that Influence Physical Activity: Exploring the Impact of Demographic and Built Environment Variables for the Communities of Osceola, Independence and West Liberty, Iowa
Adviser: Christopher J. Seeger     

Matthew Victor O’Brien (Community and Regional Planning) GIS Suitability Analysis: Public Off-leash Recreational Areas in Des Moines, IA
Adviser: Monica Haddad     

Jeffrey T. von Brown (Transportation) Spatial modeling of high-speed-rail right-of-way alignment alternatives between Davenport and Des Moines, Iowa
Adviser: Paul F. Anderson     

Graduate Spring 2011

Andy Gouherty (Plant Pathology) Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Plum Pox Virus in Pennsylvania and Ontario
Adviser: Forest W. Nutter                                                                               

Clinton P. Sloss (Community and Regional Planning) Cluster Development: A Rural Strategy for Allamakee County
Adviser: Paul Anderson

Erin Wessling (Anthropology) Rank-Related Differences in the Travel Patterns of Savanna Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes Verus) at Fongoli, Senegal
Adviser: Jill D. Pruetz

Pramod K. Pandey (Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering) A Spatial Assessment of E. coli concentrations of the Squaw Creek Watershed                                                                           Adviser: Monica A. Haddad

Scott Flynn (Agronomy) Improving Digital Image Analysis with R: a Method for pre-ArcMap Analysis of Digital Images for Estimating Ground Cover                                                   Adviser: Ken Moore

Wutthigrai Boonsuk (Human Computer Interaction) Interactive exploration of the possibility space for suitability analysis                                                                                               Adviser: Chris Harding

Graduate Fall 2010

Allen B. Carlson (Community and Regional Planning) West Des Moines Public Works: Demonstration of Geodatabase Functionality for an Enterprise Environment
Adviser: Monica A. Haddad

Bradley J. Grefe (Community and Regional Planning) Green Alleys: A Suitability Analysis for Ames Iowa
Adviser: Reginald Souleyrette

Kumudan R. Grubh (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) Increasing the Spatial Resolution of Pre-Euro-American Vegetation Maps in the Midwest Driftless Area
Adviser: Lisa A. Moore

Noha S. Holah (Plant Pathology) Plant Disease Detection Using Remote Sensing GPS, and GPS Technologies: A Case Study Using Soybean Rust
Adviser: Forrest W. Nutter, Jr.

Joel Menke (Community and Regional Planning) Regression Analysis of Property Values: City of Des Moines 
Adviser: Karen Jeske

Brina Northouse (Community and Regional Planning) Past and Present: A Study of the Advancement of Suitability Mapping
Adviser: Christopher Seeger

Justin Peterson (Community and Regional Planning) Using GIS to Identify Parcels at Risk of Flooding
Adviser: Monica Haddad

Graduate Summer 2010

Joyce Mbugua (Community and Regional Planning) Facilitated Volunteered Geographic Information: Developing an Application for Assessing Retail Availability and Accessibility Along Transportation Routes
Adviser: Christopher Seeger

Graduate Spring 2010 

Carissa K. Miller (Community and Regional Planning) The Effects of Open Space on Housing Prices: A Spatial Study of Des Moines, IA
Adviser: Monica A. Haddad

Evan D. Hill (History) Developing an Imagery Interpretation Key using LIDAR Data
Adviser: Kevin Kane

Hilary J. Powell (Anthropology) Expanding Forums for Communicating Spatial Data
Adviser: Christopher Seeger

Nicholas P. Schmidt (Entomology) A landscape Perspective of Soybean Aphid Population Dynamics
Adviser: Paul Anderson

Troy A. Bowman (Ecology) Anlalysis and Modeling of Urban Land Cover Change Between 1992 and 2012 in Four Iowa Communities                                                                  Adviser: Paul Anderson

Graduate Fall 2009

Marcus Anderson (Anthropology) Spatial Analysis of the Farzier Site, an Agate Basin Locality in Northern Colorado
Adviser: Paul F. Anderson

Jason Ehrig (Community and Regional Planning) Spatial and Quantitative Modeling of Park Service Areas in Davenport, Iowa
Adviser: Paul Anderson

Stephanie A. Linde (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Predicting favorable habitat for bobcats (Lynx rufus) in Iowa
Adviser: William R. Clark

Alyson P. Lutz (Community and Regional Planning) A Spatial Analysis to Assess Farmland Preservation in Scott County, Iowa
Adviser: Monica A. Haddad

Wei Feng (Community and Regional Planning) National Highway Freight Modeling Research in China: Using TransCAD as Modeling Platform
Adviser: Doug M. Johnston

Graduated Spring 2009

Lisa Marie Crabbs (Community and Regional Planning)
Directing and diverting development: promoting city growth while protecting environmentally critical areas in Waukee, Iowa
Advisor: Paul F. Anderson
John Lambert (Anthropology)
A Spatial Analysis of Paleoindian Site Structure at the Jim Pitts Site
Advisor: Matthew G. Hill
W. Scott Lincoln (Geological and Atmospheric Sciences)
Spatial and quantitative analysis of NEXRAD precipitation estimates in distributed watershed in central Iowa
Advisor: Kristie J. Franz

Tricia Sample (Community and Regional Planning)

Examining urban sprawl in Waukee, IA:  2000-2008
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Justin Sullivan (Anthropology)
Archaeological site predictive modeling: Six southwest Iowa counties
Advisor: Paul F. Anderson
Bethany Wilcoxon (Community and Regional Planning)
Assessing Iowa’s Wind Energy Industry: A Spatial Analysis
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Fei Yang (Community and Regional Planning)
Use of VGI to enhance the public participation in the planning process
Advisor: Christopher Seeger

Graduated Fall 2008

Emmanuel Byamukama (Plant Pathology)
Occurence, incidence, distribution and spatial dependence of bean pod mottle virus on soybean in Iowa
Advisor: Christopher Seeger
Graduated Summer 2008
Zhengyu Sun (Community and Regional Planning)
The use and abuse of crash data in roadway access management
Advisor: Reginald Souleyrette

Graduated Spring 2008

Majd Abdullah (Sustainable Agriculture)
The effect of the change in land use on land value in Iowa
Advisor: Paul F. Anderson
Shannon Leigh Thol (GIS Certificate)
The why of where: using GIS to investigate habitat use by threatened reptile species in a sand prairie ecosystem
Advisor: William Clark
Jin Zhang (Interdepartmental program of Environmental Science)
GIS spatial modeling of vegetation distribution and change in Broken Kettle Grassland, Iowa
Advisor: Paul F. Anderson
Graduated Fall 2007
Lindsay Marie Carroll Kasuga (Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology)

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) approach for analyzing the effects of landscape composition on reproductive success of the Blanding’s turtle, Emys blandingii, in Iowa
Advisor: William Clark
Laura McCullough (Anthropology)
Site Catchment Analysis of Archaeological Sites in the Central Des Moines River Valley
Advisor: Paul Anderson
Brad Robert Schmidt (Community and Regional Planning)
A Web-Based Public Participation Tool: Greene County Bio-Economy Survey
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Kelly Schulte (Business Administration)
City of Ames Clear Water Diversion Program
Advisor: Kevin Kane
Janea Lynne Triplett (International Development Studies)
Understanding the Ugandan context with geographic information systems
Advisor: Brian Mennecke
Lan Wei (Community and Regional Planning & Landscape Architecture)
GIS modeling of urbanization impacts on natural resources, Dakota County, Minnesota
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Graduated Summer 2007
Kelly Delmonico (GIS Certificate)
Examining Transportation and Environmentally Protected Lands for the Greene County Pilot Study
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Basil Riad Mahayni (Political Science)
GIS and the Bioeconomy: A Preliminary Assessment of Water Quality, Water Quantity and Co-Location for the Purposes of Creating a Spatial Survey
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Graduated Spring 2007 
Lisa Baumhover (GIS Certificate)
Designing a Process to Spatailly Extract and Analyze Hybrid Test Plot Data
Advisor: Paul Anderson
Jeremy Hall (Department of Anthropology)
Modeling Archeological Site Location Based on Boolean and Predictive Methodology
Advisor: Paul Anderson
Peter Martin Lovell (GIS Certificate)
Employing Aerial Photointerpretation to Examine Eastern Redcedar Cover Change in the Grand River Grassland of Southern Iowa
Advisor: James Miller
Mary Nyasimi (Anthropology)
Exploratory Spatial Analysis of Livelihood Capital Index in Western Kenya
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Graduated Fall 2006
Khalil Ahmad (Civil Engineering)
Estimation of Soil Erosion Using Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Advisor: Chris Seeger
Zsolt Gemesi (Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology)
Plumbing Agricultural Landscapes for Water Quality Improvement – Coexistence of Intensive Agriculture and Good Water Quality
Michelle Johnson (GIS Certificate)
Wetlands Inventory: an Assessment of 1930s and 2000 Aerial Photography in Clear Lake and Dougherty Townships, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Advisor: William Clark
Adam Martin-Schwarze (GIS Certificate)
Least-coast Models and Assumtion Testing of Functional Connectivity for Regal Fritillary (Speyeria idalia) at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
Advisor: Diane Debinski
Daniel Nack (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Developing a Land Parcel Geodatabase for the City of Hawarden, Iowa
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Graduated Spring 2006
Andrew Boehm (Department of Anthropology) 
Spatial Analysis of the Chipped Stone and Faunal Remains from the 2005 Excavations of the O.V. Clary Site (25GD50)
Advisor: Dr. Matthew G. Hill
Ying Deng (Department of Community and Regional Planning) 
GIS Visualization of a Downtown: Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Advisor: Christopher Seeger
Isha Kaphle (Department of Community and Regional Planning) 
Using Exploratory Spatial Analysis for Studying Urbanization of Santo Andr� Municipality 
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Jagadish Metla (Department of Community and Regional Planning)
Web-enabling Community-based Programming and Design: an Application for the Downtown Revitalization of the City of Ames 
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Erik Otarola-Castillo (Deaprtment of Anthropology)
Oneota Site Structure in Central Iowa: A Reexamination of the Clarkson Site
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Luke Parris (Department of Community and Regional Planning)
Collection of Information Data and Complaint Reporting Systems via ArcIMS
Advisor: Christopher Seeger
Natalia Rogovska (Department of Agronomy)
Remote sensing of soybean canopies and GIS technologies as tools to map alkaline soils on a field scale
Advisor: Antonio Mallarino
Zoran Todorovic (Department of Community and Regional Planning)
Use of GIS Tools to Identify Critical Points for Assessment of Aquatic Ecosystem Health in Agricultural Areas and Potential for Natural Resource Management
Advisor: Kevin Kane
Karie Wiltshire (GIS Certificate)
Exploring perennial land cover connectedness and connectivity in the Iowa Landscapes
Advisor: Paul Anderson
Graduated Fall 2005
Pedro Anibal Barabagelata (Department of Agronomy)
Integrating Geostatistics and GIS to Assess Spatial Variability and to Map Soil Fertility Parameters in Iowa Fields
Advisor: Antonio Mallarino
Debra Lampe (GIS Certificate)
Appanoose County Land Use
Advisor: David Plazak
Xiaojia Liu (Department of Civil Engineering)
Private Vehicle Usage by Commuters in Texas 
Advisor: David Plazak
Jessica Parkhurst (GIS Certificate)
A Spatial Analysis of the Correlation between duck nest destruction and predator movement trajectories in Chase Lake, North Dakota.
Advisor: William Clark
Vasudha Pinnamaraju (Department of Community and Regional Planning)
GIS as a Tool in Watershed Analysis
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Pipat Reungsang (Department of Agriculture)
A Web-Based GIS Decision Support System Demonstration for Identifying Potential Centralized Digestion Facility for Methane Recovery
Advisor: Kevin Kane
Adam Skibbe (Department of Landscape Architecture)
Urban Growth and Land Acquisition on Chicago‘s Metropolitan Fringe: The cost of maintaining a viable conservation land acquisition program
Advisor: James Miller
David Franklin Webber (Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)
Using Watershed-scale Digital Terrain and Map Comparison Analysis Results to Enhance Web-based GIS Decision Support System Functionality
Advisor: Steve Mickelson 
Graduated Spring 2005
Mathew Joseph Dvorak (Department of Geology)
Exploring the Impact of Human Land Development on Estuaries in Southwest Florida using GIS and Stable Isotopes
Advisor: Dr. Chris Harding
Joe Herring (Department of Agronomy)
GIS Terrain Analysis Applications: Methods for characterizing relative site capability along streams for Riparian Buffer Strips
Advisor: Paul Anderson
Adam Craig Holven (Department of Anthropology)
Identifying Site Formation Processes at the Late Paleoindian Clary Ranch Site
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Liang Hu (Department of Architecture)
GIS Application in Campus Facilities Planning and Management
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Anne Melissa Johnson (Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology)
Exploring spatial patterns of Iowa frog and toad distribution
Advisor: Brent Danielson
Seung II Lee (Department of Community and Regional Planning)
Modeling of Visual Resource Quality and Comparison two VRM Methods
Advisor: Paul Anderson
Susan Elizabeth Olsen (Department of International Development)
The Built Environment: Fast food and Daily Travel: Testing Methodology with a Research Group in Ames, IA. 
Advisor: Christopher J. Seeger
Hsin-I Yu (Department of Community and Regional Planning)
Demand Modeling for Successful Park and Ride Planning
Advisor: David Plazak
Graduated Fall 2004
Xudong Chai (Department of Civil Engineering))
Traffic Impact Analysis of Large Regional Development
Advisor: Reg Souleyrette
Maria C. Daza-Sandoval (Department of Interdisciplinary Grad. Studies)
Retail Trade Areas of Iowa on the Internet
Advisor: Christopher Seeger
Karen Louise Johnson (Department of Community and Regional Planning)
Imperviousness in Planning for Water Quality: a BASINS evaluation
Advisor: Monica A. Haddad
Daniel Adam Kilborn (Department of Agronomy)
Chariton Valley Biomass Project (Task 5.10.0): Site-specific Management for Biomass Production
Advisor: Ken Moore
Kanichiro Kitahara (Department of Landscape Architecture)
Airport Noise and Compatible Land Use Planning � A Case Study at des Moines International Airport 
Advisor: Reg Souleyrette
Graduated Summer 2004
Monica M. Barbazan (Department of Agronomy)
Treatment Application effects on soil-test phosphorous spatial variability
Advisor: Antonio Mallarino
Graduated Spring 2004
Marc Delong (Department of Civil Engineering)
Precise Surveying and Mapping for GIS Applications
Advisor: Reg Souleyrette
Katarzyna Grala (Department of Landscape Architecture)
Spatial Analyses for the Vegetation Management Plan of the Platt District CNRA, Oklahoma 
Advisor:  Paul Anderson
Antonio Jose de Araujo Moreira (Department of Plant Pathology)
Use of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Statistics to assess soybean yield and soybean cyst nematode populations in soybean fields
Advisor: Forrest Nutter
Zhen Zhan (Department of Landscape Architecture)
GIS Application in Landscape Planning and Resource Management
Advisor: Paul Anderson