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Design Building

Built in 1978, the College of Design building is a Brutalist structure located on the west side of the Iowa State University campus. It features:

  • Five stories of studio classrooms and offices wrapped around a public atrium capped with a vaulted skylight
  • Expansive lawns, native prairie plantings, and several display areas for public art outdoors
  • 250-seat auditorium
  • Electronic classroom
  • Flexible gallery space that may accommodate one or more exhibitions
  • Design branch of the university library
  • University bookstore’s Design Store
  • Model shop with CNC router
  • Design Café
  • Full-service output center
  • Several computer labs

The College of Design is the only Iowa State University classroom building open 24 hours per day, allowing convenient access to workspaces and intensive development of studio work.

More information about the College of Design, including floor plans, can be found here.