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Design Week 2019 Archive

Wearables Design Show

The College of Design will host the first-ever Wearables Design Show during Design Week 2019! First-year Core Design Program students in the spring Design Studies 102 studio at Iowa State University are creating marvelous works of wearable art and design that explore human interaction, analyze materials and fabrication processes, evaluate kinetic behavior and so much more! Two-hundred students in teams of three to six people are formulating 50 different “Modular Mobile” designs, which will be worn and performed for you in the Wearables Design Show.

With a runway, judges, DJ and awards, students will showcase their best innovative designs in their first year of design school. Following the show, attendees will have a chance to get up close and personal with the wearable designs

At this time all seats are reserved. We invite you to watch the show from the balconies. No ticket or reservation required, just come and witness the show from above!