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Constructing Building Enclosures

Constructing Building Enclosures: Architectural History, Technology and Poetics in the Postwar Era
Author: Clifton Fordham
Co-Author: Thomas Leslie, Tait Johnson, Joseph M. Siry, Whitney Moon, Rob Whitehead, Andrew Cruse, Matthew Hall, Tyler S. Sprague, Scott Murray, Ute Poerschke, Mahyar Hadighi, Mary Ben Bonham, Meredith Sattler
Published: Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group), 2020

Whitehead chapter author, “Saarinen’s Shells: The evolved influence of engineering and construction,” 

Abstract: Constructing Building Enclosures investigates and interrogates tensions that arose between the disciplines of architecture and engineering as they wrestled with technology and building cultures that evolved to deliver structures in the modern era. At the center of this history are inventive architects, engineers and projects that did not settle for conventional solutions, technologies and methods. Comprised of thirteen original essays by interdisciplinary scholars, this collection offers a critical look at the development and the purpose of building technology within a design framework.

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