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Access for Everyone

Access for Everyone: A Guide to Accessibility With References to Adaag
Author: Arvid E. Osterberg
Published: Iowa State Univ Facilities, 2002

Access for Everyone provides the most current ideas and information about accessibility in a clear and concise manner. Access for Everyone was created to help people better understand accessibility. Built environments should be both inviting and inclusive, and should accommodate the needs of all people to the maximum extent possible. Access for Everyone provides usable descriptions and diagrams to facilitate understanding of what is required to make facilities accessible to all users. Access for Everyone can be used to review building and site plans before construction begins, as a field guide for on-site inspections of new and existing buildings and sites, and as a reference resource for finding information about accessibility issues and ADAAG requirements. The authors have extensively consulted the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), and have included references to ADAAG standards of 1998 and the proposed revisions of 2002. Dr. Arvid E. Osterberg is a professor of architecture at Iowa State University where he teaches and conducts research on accessibility issues. He also consults on accessibility and safety issues. Dr. Donna J. Kain is a faculty member of Clarkson University in Potsdam New York, and is a specialist in rhetoric and technical communication.

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