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Jennifer Drinkwater

Author: Heather Sauer | Image: Heather Sauer

Jennifer Drinkwater, assistant professor of art and visual culture and community arts extension specialist, will receive the 2021 Bill Pelz Arts Advocacy Award from the Ames Community Arts Council at its annual Arts Awards Celebration at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, June 27, on the Stephens Auditorium lawn. The event honors those who have supported and encouraged the arts through their extraordinary actions and exemplary service to the Ames community.
Drinkwater has been an arts advocate since moving to Ames in 2007, consistently using art as a vehicle for community and economic development and a way to bond diverse local communities together. Her latest endeavor, The What’s Good Project, is a collaborative archive of the good in communities. It features her paintings inspired by interviews and community members’ stories, photos and drawings, as well as recordings and summaries of those interviews and stories.
Drinkwater was nominated for this award by the Octagon Center for the Arts.