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Art And Visual Culture

Study Abroad

Rome Program

The College of Design Rome Program offers an optional course of study in the fall semester each year to fourth-year students in graphic design and integrated studio arts as well as third-year students in interior design. This residential study-abroad opportunity provides a structured curriculum for the direct study of European, and in particular Italian, art and design from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

The program offers students (what is for most) a first-time opportunity to travel abroad and experience the physical and cultural settings of major works of art and design overseas. In addition to significant buildings, the students are exposed to and study the urban geography and culture of a major European capital within the context of its regional landscape and the Italian urban tradition.

At the end of the program, students will:

  • have an understanding of the history and art history of Rome, its cultural development since antiquity, and the significance of many historic works of Roman art and design;
  • have a familiarity with the contemporary design culture of Europe and especially Italy, through guided field trips and direct living experience;
  • have completed major studio projects in their design area, making use of their knowledge and experience of Italian and European design culture; and
  • have first-hand knowledge of numerous contemporary and historic sites, buildings, and works of art, related to their course of study.