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Department of

Art And Visual Culture

Integrated Visual Arts (MFA)

IVA Alumni and Their Theses

List of IVA Alumni & Their Theses

Name Graduation Date Thesis Title
Rachel Leising Fall 04 Self-Representations: Exposure/Disguise
Robert Atwell Fall 02 Dot on a Walk
Carol Faber Spr 04 Fragments of Nature/Laid to Rest
Mary Holtze Spr 06 Amalgamations
Trent Grover Fall 08 Dream of the Techno-Shaman
David (Zane) Vredenburg Fall 07 Food Fight
Nancy Thompson Spr 08 Ode to the White Rock Conservancy
Eric Robinson Spr 09 Perception, Understanding & Belief Through Wood Cut & Monotype Prints of the Parable of the Sower & the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Jon Kamrath Spr 08 Family Tools
Michael Stanley Spr 08 Katrina’s Crescendo
Hiromi Okumura Fall 09 State of Being-Perpetual Motion: Beauty Spreading Like Water
Sunki Hong Spr 10 Nature, Culture, & Emotion: Objects of Wood, Metal & Stone
Amanda Hood Spr 10 Nearly Gone
Larrison Seidle Fall 11 An Uncertain Stability
Anastasia Kral Spr 11 Memory: Beauty, Fragmentation & Image
Paula Streeter Fall 11 Turned Pates/The Artist Book in the Age of Technology
Matthew Corones Spr 12 Analytic Hyperrealism in Photography Remodeling the Study of Light Through Computational Modes of Exploring Image Making
Naomi Friend Spr 13 Arable Visions
Kara Weyand Spr 13 Into the Hinterland
Amanda Hall Sum 13 Playing House: Exploring Domesticity Gone Awry
Molly Nagel Sum 13 Beasts of Earth & Spirit
Celinda Stamy Spr 14 Tunnel Vision
Wyeth Lynch Sum 14 Constructing Realities
Stephanie Dao Spr 15 Collective World: Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Communication in the Visual Arts
Rahele Jomepour Spr 15 Women in Iran: Ancient History to Modern Times, & Back
Sodam Lee Spr 15 Changing Perceptions & the Impact of Culture
Lindsay Nissen Spr 15 Metaregionalism
Hua Pan Spr 15 Women in a Box
Earle Rock Spr 15 The Lens of Empathy
Heather Whittlesey Spr 15 Tensegrity
Nick Friess Spr 15 art I facs
Rohini Kummitha Sum 15 Magic Masala
Devin Vaughn Sloan Fall 15 Curious cut-aways
Josianne Ishikawa Spr 16 Transitory Nature
Alexis Dwyer Spr 16 Casey Land Rambles
Fei Xue Sum 16 An Examination of Chinese Philosophical Concepts and Audience Through Animation
Xin Liu Sum 16 Mr. Acephalous: The procedure of the individual stop-motion animation
Xiaohan Chen Spr 17 A World in a Flower
Bridgette Alsbury Spr 17 Food Pirates: An Exploration of Food, Technology, and the Fture Through Sequential Art
Mathew B. Greiner Spr 17 Inconsequential Plan for Reorganizing the Value of Art in the Public Sphere
Matthew Brian Obbink Fall 17 Building Eugene
Xin Chen Fall 17 Culture and My Art
Kristina Rice Spr 18 Left/Over Objects
Robert Jinkins Spr 18 RezəˈrekSH(ə)n : Resurrection
Rachel Deutmeyer Spr 18 Traces: A Farm in Eastern Iowa
Andrew Zandt Spr 19 Time, Action Wear Memory
Anna Segner Spr 19 Toy (with) Animals
Judy Long Spr 19 The Veil
Dan Johnson Fall 19 Transmogrify
Sarah Godfrey Spr 20 Shards and Scraps
Cameron Gray Spr 20 The Coronation
Daniel Nutt Spr 20 Sediments of Identity
Jasmine Beul Fall 20 The Alien Landscape
Paige Holzbauer Spr 21 Restoration
Nan-Teng Liu Spr 21 Unforgotten
Christopher Yanulis Fall 21 Thinking Out Loud
Christopher Chiavetta Spr 22 Becoming Ecological
Youeun Lee Sum 22 Cultural Storytelling: Korea