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Department of

Art And Visual Culture

About Us

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Art and Visual Culture! As we move into a new academic year, we extend a warm greeting to all new and returning students.

Our vision

Faculty and students develop and expand knowledge, engage and communicate with the public, and contribute to a global society through critical thinking and creative research. With alumni and partners, faculty and students cultivate integrated learning environments and cultivate aesthetic, technical and conceptual abilities necessary for lifelong creative and intellectual engagement.

Our values

Curiosity and a willingness to take risks; understanding of historical and contemporary global art; research as creative inquiry; investigation and experimentation with materials and technologies; collaboration and collegiality; community engagement; communication skills; empathy, reflection and self-discovery.

Our mission

To provide an engaging, comprehensive and dynamic educational environment, preparing students to impact social, cultural and physical environments through research and creative practices in art and visual culture.

Ingrid Lilligren
Professor and Chair

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