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Sustainable Architecture

Theories and Practices for Sustainable Architecture

As climate change brings with it pressures on plant, animal and human relationships; ecological systems respond unpredictably. A new dialogue is needed where we re-establish contact with innovation and experimentation and examine technical, performative and aesthetic concerns. We need to include in our conversation not only advances in building technology, and the digital tools to predict building performance; but social and cultural questions interrogating the field as it is presented to us in the form of design tools and aspirations. Work in this research concentrations includes: building energy performance evaluation; post-occupancy evaluation; comfort; natural ventilation and air flow, energy efficiency, urban climatology; and integrated design. It also engages with perception, materialism, visual, spatial and narrative theory, working to identify and include valuable interdisciplinary discourses currently outside the field. Faculty in this area are widely recognized through their national and international research, lectures, workshops, and publications.

See also: Center for Building Energy Research (CBER) for Associated Faculty

Keywords: Sustainable, ecological, environmental, building, technology, systems, performance, theory, perception, aesthetics.

Faculty: Kevin Lair, Mikesch Muecke, Arvid Osterberg, Ulrike Passe, Andrea Wheeler