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Material and Immaterial Production   


This Research Cluster is interested in buildings as both object and process, through history and in contemporary and future practice. In particular, we look at the relationships between the purposes behind buildings, the means with which they are realized, and the tools we use to measure, predict, and assess these relationships. These themes can link building to spheres of economics, labor, craft, and geography, among others, and our research seeks to enlarge our understanding of technology and construction as they relate architectural production to much larger contexts and to other disciplines.

As our aptitudes and appetites surrounding technology have matured, the architectural discourse is no longer preoccupied with technology in and of itself. Rather, interest lies in how technology may be creatively integrated into new methods and forms that blur digital and analog, process and product, natural and man-made, biological and cultural, virtual and real. These emerging practices push against old boundaries and dichotomies, paving the way for the next generation of tools, materials, software, and workflows at the interface of material and immaterial.

Group Coordinator: Pete Goche
Tom Leslie, Andrea Wheeler, Jelena BogdanovicRob Whitehead, Ulrike Passe, Chiu-Shui Chan, Nick Senske, Shelby Doyle, Cameron Campbell, Kevin Lair, Firat Erdim, Leslie Forehand