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Architectural Ecology and Human Relationships

As climate change brings with it pressures on plant, animal and human relationships; ecological systems respond unpredictably. Over the past decade, the idea that systems can find a true state of equilibrium has been challenged. A new dialogue is needed where we re-establish contact with innovation, experimentation and aesthetic concerns. We need to include in our conversation not only advances in building technology, and the digital tools to predict building performance; but the question of human relationships. Work in this research cluster includes: building energy performance evaluation; post-occupancy evaluation; comfort; natural ventilation and air flow, energy efficiency; and integrated design. It also engages with perception, materialism, and atmosphere; visual, spatial and narrative structures. Working to identify and include valuable interdisciplinary discourses currently outside the field.

Group Coordinator: Andrea Wheeler
Andrea Wheeler, Ulrike PasseArvid OsterbergMikesch MueckeTom Leslie, Shelby Doyle, Kevin Lair