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Architectural Agency


This cluster speaks of the capacity of architecture as both process and product to act in the world. The so-called “Spatial Turn” that developed its methodological framework between the 1970s and 1990s  made an important paradigm shift in the humanities because it re-introduced the studies of space and spatiality as a cultural dimension. At the same time this pro-spatial intellectual platform allows us — architects and researchers of architecture — to participate in the discourse by bringing forward the nuances and hybrid approaches of our discipline that often involve complexities beyond simple positivism and interpretivisim. Architecture is neither a determinant of society nor determined by society but rather in society. Architectural agency is about not only the physical products called architecture or the people called architects but more expansively considers the ways in which our discipline acts in the world by transformatively engaging socio-political structures. We are interested in how architecture has acted and can act in the past, present, and future as an agent of change; a praxis that joins theoretical, abstract ideas to concrete, practical actions. As such, architectural agency is inherently spatial but also allows us to consider inclusive praxes that permit pluralities of voices and contestations that change over time rather than seeking a fixed and therefor singular state.

Group Coordinator: Jelena Bogdanovic
Andrea Wheeler, Paul Shao, Jelena Bogdanovic, Mikesch Muecke, Kevin Lair, Firat Erdim