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OPN Masterclass – 2019

Graphic Anatomy of the Modern Epic: Case Study of Farming Iowa

The Iowa State University Department of Architecture is happy to welcome Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, co-founder of the Tokyo based practice Atelier Bow-Wow, to Ames Iowa. Tsukomoto will lead the OPN Masterclass from March 4-7 with ISU undergraduate and graduate students. This years workshop will focus on the actor-network of the rural Midwest. Students will conduct ethnographic research while observing curious industrial hybrids embedded in the Iowa landscape. Throughout the masterclass, groups will reflect upon the modern epic as a form of narrative lens used to frame their research. A final presentation of work will be on display Thursday, March 6 in the Beckman Forum.

Tsukamoto specializes in ‘Architectural behaviorology’ a science that focuses on human behavior both inside and outside buildings, the behavior of buildings in their surroundings and environmental elements. His research aims to synthesize all these behaviors and foster organic architecture.

Tsukamoto co-founded, Tokyo based, Atelier Bow-Wow together with partner Momoyo Kaijima. The firm has built over 25 houses, public museums, and commercial buildings. While the majority of this work can be found in Tokyo, you can find the firm’s work in Denmark, France, and the United States. The firm’s research studies have contributed to “micro-public-space,” a concept of public space, which has been exhibited across the world at events such as Biennales in Sao Paolo, Venice, Istanbul, and Liverpool.

The OPN Masterclass is a yearly event inviting globally recognized professionals within the architecture field to hold a small workshop with Iowa State students. Prior Masterclass workshops have been lead by Elia Zenghellis (OMA, Gigantes Zenghelis Architects, AA), Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe (Cooking Sections, RCA), and Neyran Turan (Nemes Studio, UC Berkeley). The OPN Masterclass is made possible through generous support from OPN Architects.