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Current Departmental Events

San Diego ReceptionCollege of Design Reception in San Diego12:30 am
535 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Nov 17
Berlin Exhibition ReceptionBerlin Summer Academy 2019 Exhibition Reception11:30 pm
Lyle E. Lightfoot Forum, College of Design
Nov 18
Firat Erdim Artist's TalkMoorings, Bearings, Soundings: Firat Erdim & the Kite Choir Artist’s Talk3:00 pm
Helene Center for the Visual Arts, Graceland University
Nov 20
Lori Brown LectureArchitecture Public Program: Lori Brown11:30 pm
Kocimski Auditorium (101 Design)
Feb 05
Billy Fleming LectureRichard F. Hansen Lecture in Architecture: Billy Fleming11:30 pm
Kocimski Auditorium (101 Design)
Feb 26
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