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Current Departmental Events

LEED TrainingLEED Green Associate Training6:00 pm
ISU Memorial Union
Oct 02
Garcia Fritz LectureSpecifications and the Written Labor of the Guastavino Company5:30 pm
Kocimski Auditorium (101 Design)
Oct 23
ISUAA Honors & AwardsISUAA 2019 Honors & Awards Ceremony1:15 pm
Benton Auditorium, Scheman Building
Oct 25
Lori Brown LectureArchitecture Public Program: Lori Brown5:30 pm
Kocimski Auditorium (101 Design)
Feb 05
Billy Fleming LectureRichard F. Hansen Lecture in Architecture: Billy Fleming5:30 pm
Kocimski Auditorium (101 Design)
Feb 26
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