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Department of


Associate Professor

Michael (Mikesch) Muecke PhD

Associate Professor, Architecture

Mailing Address

Architecture Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011

Contact Information

Phone: (515) 294-8786
Office: 588 Design


Bachelor of Design with a Major in Architecture, University of Florida, 1989
Master of Architecture, University of Florida, 1991
Master of Art, Princeton University, 1995
Doctor of Philosophy, Princeton University, 1999

On the Web

Supporting Files

Research Interests

Preservation and cultural heritage; architectural history, theory, criticism, and culture from the 1600s through the 2000s; book design and publishing; architecture and film; biocomposites; deep green design; compact-footprint design-build construction, passive-house technology; design for the elderly; electronic architectures; mobiility and architecture; architecture and art throughout history. 

Current Projects

The intersection between preservation/cultural heritage and technology (with Diane Alshihabi, Ph.D.); sound and space in Robert Altman's films.

Current Scholarship

  • Breathing New Life into a Los Angeles Icon: Rehabilitating and Adding to the Lytton Savings & Loan Building, 09/30/2021
  • BNIM Regenerative Design Research Grant, 08/25/2019
  • Inventing New Modes of Dissemination: Applied Preservation and Cultural Heritage Pedagogy in Interdisciplinary Studios, 05/30/2019
  • DSN S 546 Morocco Preservation Field Trip to the American Legation, 02/18/2019
  • Preservation and Cultural Heritage Curriculum Development: A Case Study in Design Education at the Intersection of History and Technology, 03/14/2018
  • a2ru Collaborative Presentation, 11/08/2014
  • Presentation on Nashville (Altman's film) and Nashville (the city) at SESAH Conference, 10/31/2014
  • Collaborative Presentation at National Conference on Beginning Design, 04/05/2014
  • NAAB ISU Visit Director of Operations, 08/05/2013
  • Collaborative Paper Presentation at International Conference IASTE, 10/05/2012
  • Paper Presentation at Popular Culture/American Culture Conference, 04/14/2012
  • Iowa State University’s Entry into the Solar Decathlon Competition, 05/11/2010
  • Green Sex Appeal: Showing off Iowa State University’s Latest Fashion in Solar-Powered Homes at the 2009 Solar Decathlon on the Nation’s Runway in Washington, DC., 03/31/2010
  • Theater Design, Music, and Performance in the works of Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Gottfried Semper, 03/11/2010
  • Personal Views Persoenliche Ansichten, 03/04/2010
  • Graphic Design and Layout of a Book About Perspective Drawing, 02/28/2010
  • Translation, design, and layout of a Novel, 02/25/2010
  • Woof and Warp: A Tapestry of Music and Architecture, 02/06/2010
  • Resonance: Music and Architecture, 02/27/2009
  • Biobased Materials, Passive House Designs, and the Solar Decathlon: Sustainability at Iowa State University, 02/07/2009
  • Architecture and Music: A Brief Interdisciplinary History, 02/06/2009
  • ISU LAS Green Careers Panel Discussion, 01/26/2009
  • Resonance: Essays on the Intersection of Music and Architecture, 05/02/2007
  • architecture | music | acoustics Conference, 06/03/2006
  • Accessible Kitchen, 06/03/2006
  • SESAH Conference, 10/17/2005
  • Gottfried Semper in Zurich - An Intersection of Theory and Practice, 10/10/2005
  • Essays on Architecture and Other Topics, 06/24/2005
  • PhotoGraphs - Written Light, 06/24/2005