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Master of Science in Architecture

SA3: Representation and Digital Media

The following architecture faculty are affiliated with the Representation and Digital Media study area.

Cameron Campbell‘s experience with architectural photography, computer graphics and time-based media is mutually modified with his practice background. His photography appears in many publications and in a book of significant Iowa architecture, A Century of Iowa Architecture. He researches the impact of digital media prior to design, during design and as documentation of design.

Chiu-Shui Chan‘s areas of research range from establishing a theory of individual style and creativity (design cognition) to explorations of virtual environments (virtual reality). Currently, he is conducting experiments on motion in design (motion capture) and design in motion (parametric modeling). Chan is an affiliate faculty member in the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) graduate program.

Mikesch Muecke works at the intersection of highly energy-efficient buildings, human habitation, and bio-based materials, coupled with narrative visualization, the transfer from digital to analogue, and the discourse of architectural history, theory, and practice between 1900 and today.


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