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Study Abroad

Berlin Summer Academy

Architecture professor Ulrike Passe is planning to lead this month-long study-abroad program again in the summer of 2023. You can preview the program in ISUAbroad.

In collaboration with faculty and students from Berlin, City College New York and the German University of Technology in Muscat, Oman, this summer program continues the exploration of possibilities to design an urban architectural environment for a low-carbon lifestyle. This intense design program will allow you to investigate technical requirements and architectural opportunities. In addition to Iowa State faculty, leading Berlin professionals will work with you on ideas and potentials.

Design students of all levels are welcome to apply. If you have completed ARCH 401 and are accepted to participate in Summer Academy Berlin, you can take the program for four credits in the summer and add a two-credit independent study in the fall after you return. These six combined credits will substitute for a studio requirement in your fifth year of the architecture program, meaning you could graduate early if the rest of your electives are also completed.

Application deadline: March 24, 2023

Start date: June 4, 2023
End date: July 2, 2023

Questions about program academics and activities should be directed to Ulrike Passe at