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Student Life Highlights

Student Work Spaces


Work Space/Studio

All Architecture Students are provided with a dedicated desk and chair in the College, King Pavilion or ancillary spaces. In using these resources, they are expected to abide by the Studio Responsibility Statement.  

College of Design Model Shop

The Model Shop (020 Design) is available for student projects. A small fee for a semester pass gives you access to tools and the CNC (computer-aided cutting). You must be registered to use any of these resources; you will be able to sign up online once you are enrolled as a student in the College of Design. All students complete a safety and orientation training prior to being able to use this facility

Locker Space

Locker spaces are available to students in the program. Check out details here.

Computer Labs/Output Center

We have dedicated computer labs available for student use, adjacent to our output center and conveniently located within the College of Design. The output center also has various equipment available to be checked out.