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Student Life Highlights

Clubs, Advising & Peer Support

Navigating through your college experience can sometimes feel overwhelming, but our students are provided with many sources of peer and faculty support as they pursue their degree. Beginning in the first year, College of Design students will attend one of two orientation courses (1 CH, Pass/NotPassed), which guides them through College resources, degree planning, advising and career services, and how to access a host of student resources. In addition, we offer the following communities and support people:

  • Peer Mentors: During the Core year, students have peer mentors from the College of Design that help them navigate the first year experience
  • Learning Communities: As part of their Core year, students are members of a designated “Learning Community” together with other students who are new to the College. These communities are small groups of students who generally take one, two, or three courses together and may live in the same residence hall.
  • Academic Advisors: Jeremy Miller is the Academic Advisor for all students in the Architecture Program – he helps students understand the curriculum and develop their course of study from the options available to them. The Undergraduate Coordinator is also available to support and advise students about their options.
  • Faculty Mentor: Beginning in their 4th year, students are assigned a faculty mentor from within our department, who provides them with more disciplinary-specific knowledge about career paths and future educational options.
  • Clubs: A great way to feel connected with others who share interests, there is a broad range of Clubs and Student Organizations within the College of Design tailored to specific interests. 
  • Multicultural Student Services provides resources specific to our multicultural student population. This includes peer mentoring through our BUILD program (also available to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+)
  • IT support is available to help you troubleshoot your laptop issues.
  • A Student Newsletter is issued twice a month to keep our College of Design students in the loop about events of interest specific interest to our community.

Our students are also supported and inspired by working together in their focused studio groups – typically no larger than 17 students. In later years, students select from several studio thematic options and instructors, allowing them to work with professors and others sharing similar interests.