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Architecture Career Paths

As the 5th “Most Hired From” architecture program in the country with 100% of our students employed or continuing their education within six months of graduation, we make it easy for students explore career opportunities in:

  • Private consulting practice:
    • Architecture and multidisciplinary design firms
    • Construction management firms
  • Corporate/institutional practice:
    • Cultural and historical resource organizations
    • Design sections of contracting companies
    • Facilities departments within private corporations, hospitals or universities
  • Public practice:
    • Federal, state, regional and local agencies that have architecture and urban planning sections
    • Municipal and state offices with building code and inspection agencies

Recent graduates of Iowa State University’s Department of Architecture have pursued the below careers. This is not represent a comprehensive list of the possible career choices available to someone with an architecture degree. Please note that some careers require additional education beyond the Bachelor’s degree.

  • Architectural construction materials and technology specialty
  • Architectural design
  • Architectural firm management
  • Architectural illustration/rendering, modeling and computer imaging
  • Architectural journalism
  • Architectural photography
  • Building product design and manufacture
  • Construction law practice (requires additional education)
  • Furniture and lighting design
  • Historic preservation and restoration
  • In-house design for corporations, hospitals and other multi-building owners
  • Movie and theater industry design (requires additional education)
  • Program management (oversee design and construction of major projects for clients)
  • Space planning and interior architecture
  • Specialty design: residential, hospitals, libraries, museums, retail, business and corporate architecture, hotels and resorts, government buildings, prisons, churches, malls, theme parks, etc.
  • University and college teaching, research and administration (requires additional education)
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