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New procedures for mail, packages and keys during COVID-19 mitigation

Effective Monday, March 23, the following temporary changes will be made to procedures and practices for mail and parcel deliveries, and keys and access cards:

  • For parcel delivery vendors (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.), Central Receiving on East Lincoln Way will receive all inbound campus packages and provide delivery to campus buildings. Packages can be picked up from Central Receiving on an as-needed-only basis. See additional Central Receiving information.
  • For locked campus buildings with entry card access, ISU Postal and Parcel Services (PPS) has been granted access to make deliveries. All mailing and shipping services will remain available unless specified by the shipping vendors. To ensure items are dispatched from campus, take them to your building’s mailroom location for collection by the route driver. See additional PPS information.
  • To protect counter staff at the key desk in the General Services Building, tweaks have also been made to key and access card procedures. See additional Key Access Changes information.

The Central Receiving and ISU PPS information is also available in an FAQ on the Procurement Services COVID-19 response website. The key service tweaks are in a COVID-19 banner on the Building Security Services website.


March 23, 2020 2:12 pm