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Policy regarding excused absences for students

With fall semester in full swing, faculty are reminded of the policy regarding student absences for extracurricular activities scheduled by academic or athletic units of the university at times that conflict with scheduled classes. Faculty are required to excuse students who miss class while representing Iowa State in official department- or university-sponsored activities, including academic or professional conferences and workshops; intercollegiate athletic, academic and judging competitions; musical, theatrical, dance or other artistic performances; and presentations or programs given to external audiences. This policy overrides attendance policies established by individual instructors.

Faculty are specifically reminded of the need to excuse student athletes who must miss class for travel. Student athletes will provide instructors with an official letter from the Athletics Department that lists travel dates; faculty need to allow for those absences, but that is the extent of your responsibilities. For questions about absences for intercollegiate athletic activities, contact Mindy Cooper, who works with all student athletes in the College of Design. Also please note that “presentations or programs given to external audiences” can pertain to off-campus presentations of studio work. See the Faculty Handbook – August 2019, Section

September 16, 2019 8:57 am