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Nominate a Difference Maker at Iowa State

We all have the power to make a difference, and many individuals on the Iowa State campus have given extensively of themselves on behalf of the university. Iowa State Athletics will recognize these Difference Makers who are having a positive impact by going above and beyond their formal commitments. This program, sponsored by TIAA, will celebrate ISU employees by shining a light on people who teach, invent, inspire, cure, nurture and serve others.

Iowa State employees are invited to nominate each other as Difference Makers. Submissions will be reviewed based on a variety of criteria, including impact, creativity, perseverance and motive. The grand prize winner will receive four tickets to the Iowa State vs. Baylor football game on Nov. 10; the prize includes food and beverage, pre-game field access, a $50 gift card to the team store and an autographed football. Runners-up also will receive four free tickets to the game. Nominate a Difference Maker today!

October 26, 2018 12:52 pm