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Call for submissions: Coding Design/Design Coding symposium

Faculty, staff and students are invited to submit proposals for “Coding Design/Designing Code,” a three-day symposium sponsored by the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities and the Departments of Community and Regional Planning, Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Landscape Architecture. The symposium will feature workshops, presentations, exhibitions and performances bringing together designers, artists, researchers and scientists to answer two fundamental questions:

  1. WHAT: Designing Code. What computer programs, algorithms or approaches are transforming the created product within and across disciplines?
  2. HOW: Coding Design. How is the creative process captured and/or cultivated with a computer program?

The symposium ā€” organized by assistant professors Caroline Westort, landscape architecture, and Alex Braidwood, graphic design, and supported by a CEAH Symposium Grant ā€” is scheduled March 7-9, 2018. Submissions are due Friday, Dec. 15. Details on the symposium theme, format and submission process are online.

October 23, 2017 9:52 am