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Input sought by ISU Transportation Advisory Committee

As the College of Design’s representative to the ISU Transportation Advisory Committee, Josh Obrecht seeks input and opinions from faculty and staff on any and all topics that would be of interest to this committee. These would include issues and ideas related to roads, parking lots, mobility and any other topics that would be associated with transportation. Please email Obrecht,, with comments or questions. Some topics already on the table include:

  • The possibility of charging for visitor passes to reduce their misuse
  • Restricted access to Bissell Road and Union Drive
  • Expanded parking including parking ramps
  • Renovation of the Iowa State Center parking lots; this includes the possibility of charging to park there due to an estimated $20 million cost for renovation
  • Increased support for pedestrian mobility
  • Changing the process to obtain medical permits


April 13, 2017 4:47 pm