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Input requested on College of Design’s strategic plan

Three years ago, College of Design faculty and staff approved a strategic plan and action plan for the years 2013-20. That plan included a mid-term opportunity to examine and, as needed, recast the goals and tactics. It is time to begin this update process.

Dean Luis Rico-Gutierrez and Senior Associate Dean Mark Chidister invite input from faculty, staff, students and alumni on the current plan with a focus on the goals and tactics that should inform priorities and guide action for the next three years. The update process will be iterative with several opportunities for you to provide feedback and respond to draft documents. In this first round, it would be most helpful to receive input and ideas by Wednesday, March 22, sent to Mark Chidister.

Faculty and staff should have received an email about this with two supporting documents attached. Students and alumni will be notified via the regularly scheduled e-blasts this week. CoD Plan Update Basics 2017 is a distillation of the strategic plans for ISU and the College of Design. CoD Plan Update Background 2017 includes the full text of these plans. Next week, you will also receive a report of progress made on the college’s plan since it was launched in 2013.

There are three basic questions under consideration for which we welcome your input:

  1. What goals and tactics in the current plan should be continued to guide the college for the next three years?
  2. What goals and tactics in the current plan should be eliminated or reshaped?
  3. What goals and tactics should be added?

While the focus of this update is on the goals and tactics, we can also revisit the college’s mission, vision and values statements if there are compelling reasons to do so.

March 6, 2017 8:41 am