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Farshid Torabian

“Urban Landscape Design Strategies to Improve Outdoor Thermal Comfort for Iowa State University Campus Using ENVI-met Software,” a project by Farshid Torabian (MLA 2020 Landscape Architecture / MDesSE 2020 Sustainable Environments), received a Merit Award in the Student – Research category from the Iowa chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (Iowa ASLA) Friday, Oct. 23, at its fall 2020 virtual awards celebration.

Torabian completed the independent study project as a graduate student under the guidance of Ulrike Passe, associate professor of architecture. He used ENVI-met to simulate a part of the Iowa State campus and analyzed outdoor thermal comfort for humans in summer (warmest days) and winter (coldest days). His research revealed that existing bus stops and seating areas are not located in thermally comfortable zones and helped him identify more thermally comfortable locations for these bus stops and seating areas.

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