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Heather Whittlesey

“Celebration of Commerce,” an installation by mixed-media artist Heather Whittlesey (MFA 2014 Integrated Visual Arts), is on display through November at Raygun in Des Moines. A reception and sale of her ceramic artwork will be from 5–7 p.m. Saturday, June 22, during Art Week Des Moines. The 30′ x 8′ x 10′ installation celebrates commerce using recycled materials (misprinted shirts, notebooks, sale posters) provided by Raygun as well as recycled plastic and other materials (transparencies, paper, cotton, elastic string) from Whittlesey’s studio. She previously made sculptures solely out of paper; this installation is made from primarily from plastic, so it’s much more resilient and reusable, she says, and because everything is connected with staples instead of hot glue, this added to the efficiency of the process.

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